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Pies: Sweet and Savory

From conventional apple and cherry pies to in vogue smaller than expected meat manifestations, Pies: Sweet and Savory gives everything expected to deliver delicious manifestations. 

Separated by key fixings, Pies: Sweet and Savory picks the "pie of the day" as per what's in season and what's prowling in the ice chest and afterward shares an abundance of bit by bit directions for delivering the best outcomes.
About the Author
Caroline Bretherton is a mother of two who knows food and knows families. A love of food resulted in her creating her own catering company and café—Manna Café in London's Notting Hill. She has also presented several food programs and been a contributor to The Times. She is now living in North Carolina, giving her a unique insight into the cuisines of two continents.
OMG..... This is wonderful, it has so much more than you would expect. It has something for everyone, but savory and sweet. I saw it at Barns and Nobel and of course ordered it on Amazon right there in the store. I've already picked out at least 6 different pies that I want to make. I'll be making at least two of them this weekend. I want to try the hand held pies first. Great to take for your lunch. -Tracy D.
Enjoyed reading this, gave me some ideas. Have not cooked the actual recipes so cannot comment on their accuracy. -HR 
Another day, another beautifully-illustrated and designed book from DK which forensically analyses a subject and manages to convince you that you can master it in short order. At first you get an overview about the different types of pies on offer, doubling up as a visual index too. Top-crust pies, double-crust pies, cobblers & crumbles, individual pies & tarts, quiches & savoury tarts, sweet tarts, en croutes & layered pies, tarte tatins & potato-topped pies all feature, accompanied by wonderful photographs of the finished items that try and jump out of the page screaming "eat me! eat me!". Everything has been thought of, it seems and the book is capable of building up your confidence when it might not actually exist. You still need to learn to walk before you run, yet the very first recipe is for what looks like a very ambitious steak & wild mushroom pie. At this stage you might be panicking about how to make the pastry… that is "hidden" in the middle of the book (one understands why, but it seems an odd choice). Each recipe starts with a brief introduction, following with a clear visual line showing the portion sizing, typical preparation & cooking time and a guide to how long it could optimally stay in a freezer. The two columns contain the ingredients list (with dual measures!) and detailed, understandable step-by-step instructions. It seems a short-sighted omission that not every recipe gets its own photograph - it doesn't need to be a full page affair, even a small passport-sized image would just be the icing on the, err, cake, so to speak. This is a very good, comprehensive basic book that everyone who has considered making pies but never got around to it should consider. It may well lead to a pie addiction. DK is, through this book, managing to show generations of new cooks what they might not have learned by their mother's side. Us older hands still have things to learn. Even if pies are not part of your country's typical food culture, you should find something here that will start your addiction. -Darren

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