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Pretzel Making at Home

Here's another curve on an old top choice: pretzels warm from the broiler. DIY bread cooks can make their own crunchy, chewy, exquisite, or sweet craftsman pretzels with this assortment of 50 plans that envisions each approach to shape, fill, and top them. Here are the conventional forms just as novel manifestations, for example, Philly cheesesteak pretzel pockets and seared pretzel with cinnamon sugar. Progressively considerable dishes like wild mushroom and chestnut pretzel stuffing, and pretzel bread pudding with caramel sauce raise the unassuming pretzel to supper table passage as this tempting cookbook takes a valued regular nibble to the following degree of culinary innovativeness.
About the Author
Andrea Slonecker is a food writer, recipe developer, and cooking teacher who bakes pretzels at home in Portland, Oregon.
Alex Farnum is a West Coast–based food photographer.
I love pretzels. I bought this book and made ridiculously awesome pretzels for an Oktoberfest party that we hosted. I went all the way and used the food grade lye. I have a few recommendations: (1) on the second proof, if you can stick them in the fridge to firm up, it makes the lye bath dip a lot easier; (2) I cranked my oven as high as it would go--500 degrees on convection--to get the dark mahogany brown color; (3) after experimenting, I decided to only put one cookie sheet in the oven at a time. The pretzel making process kind of requires an assembly line anyway, so by the time the first batch was done, the second batch was out of the lye bath, covered in salt, and ready to cook. -S. Augustine
I used to travel to Germany all the time for my prior job and I ate my weight in pretzels every time. I don't work there anymore, and every pretzel I've had in America is horrible. That pretzel store at the mall is serving you BREAD - which is totally different. Get yourself some lye here on Amazon for like thirteen bucks for two pounds, pretzel salt, some latex gloves, and get this book (or look up recipes on the internet, but the book is really good too) and make yourself some pretzels. I was amazed how simple it is - and pretzels made with lye are totally legit. You will never buy those horrible pretzels at the mall again. Amaze your friends, confound your enemies, eat a legit pretzel and you will be transported to Bavaria. -Buyerformanythings 
If you love pretzels then you will love this book. I wasn't sure how I felt about it when I first purchased it. Pretzel making can be vary vague and boring but I was pleasantly surprised by the recipes. Things i'd never even thought about in terms of a pretzels were in this book. There were sandwiches and calzones type things and the best is the mustard. Any pretzel eater knows mustard and pretzels are best of friends and there are some great mustard recipes in here as well as several other spreads and jams. I'm so glad I bought this bought and look forward to trying all of the recipes. BTW, there is a really informative section on making the perfect pretzel whether you like soft, hard or both. Don't pass this one up. -Lorriane 

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