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Put an Egg on It: 70 Delicious Dishes That Deserve a Sunny Topping

Eggs are among the staples in many family units around the globe since they're nutritious, an extraordinary wellspring of protein, promptly accessible, and moderate. They likewise happen to be flavorful! Put an Egg on It is an assortment of 70 straightforward breakfast, lunch, supper, and treat plans that component eggs. Highlighting the nuts and bolts on the most proficient method to cook eggs, and including a lot of straightforward "comfort food" plans, the book likewise includes plans from an assortment of universal cooking styles incuding Mexican, Israeli, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Italian.
About the Author
Lara Ferroni is a food writer and photographer who lives in Portland. She is also the author (and photographer) of Doughnuts and Real Snacks. She regularly contributes to Epicurious.com and Imbibe Magazine, among others. Visit her blog, laraferroni.com.
Whoever said this book is poor has poor taste. This book is amazing! It has amazing recipes, gorgeous photographs, and makes me salivate. I can't wait to try some of these out. Some of the recipes in here I already make; I just didn't know they were actual recipes! I am so excited to have bought this book and I plan on making most of these recipes for family and friends. As far as the "eggs" go- they are really interchangeable. Can't find a quail egg? Use extra small regular eggs, etc. For most grocery stores- most of these I gredirents are attainable. -Schemmerling
Love this cookbook with all of it's innovative ideas. I've made a number of the recipes and like them all so far. What this book really does is to bring home in spades the idea that a person can fix any number of foods, use leftovers or pick a recipe and plop an egg or two on top and viola` a great meal w/o meat anywhere to be seen! Causes my creative side to look at the plain old egg in a different light. Great book that lives on my island for now and beckons to me daily to try something new! -S. Oravets 
Instantly, I fell in love with the photography and author, Lara Ferroni. She is after my heart! Finally, here's a gal who appreciates eggs and all their glory as much as I do. This cookbook is filled with a beautiful "how-to" section in the beginning. Everything that you wanted to know about cooking eggs is covered. Next, it's onto seventy delicious egg recipes! There are traditional eggs to even creative ones like eggs on hot dogs. I must also add that there are many recipes that call for less than ten ingredients. I love that! Lara makes cooking eggs appear easy, approachable, and for any level cook. -Tilly's Nest 

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