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Quick Slow Cooking (Williams-Sonoma)

This cookbook from Williams-Sonoma limits hands-on schedule while amplifying flavor in 120 primary dish plans for the moderate cooker. 

Slow cooker plans are a help to the bustling cook, yet many call for long fixing records and complex planning steps that simply aren't reasonable for cooks in a hurry. In this new interpretation of moderate cooking, the plans are created in light of tumultuous calendars, with smoothed out fixing records and at least formula steps. Every formula is a one-pot dish or a fundamental course that can be handily increased by a straightforward plate of mixed greens or side dish. 

Notwithstanding the more than 120 delectable plans, there are tips for picking a moderate cooker, how to incorporate flavor with your dishes, how to stock your cooler and ice chest, and tips for occupied cooks on the best way to get weeknight meals on the table.
About the Author
Kim Laidlaw is a cookbook editor, food writer, and baker who has been in the kitchen covered in flour since she was big enough to stir the biscuit dough. She has worked in the cookbook world for over nine years and was the first blogger on KQED’s popular Bay Area Bites blog, which launched in 2005. Kim previously worked as a professional baker at La Farine French Bakery in Oakland, CA.
Tried few dishes already and they all been delicious. I like that this book has a lot of curry dishes and recipes with a lot of spices which I really like and the aroma is great when I cook them in the slow cooker.-Kaori
Comprehensive slow cooker techniques and recipes.-Pat Sponseller 
Great recipes using a wide variaty of proteins and/or vegetables-Jackelin Orlando 

Download Ebook Quick Slow Cooking (Williams-Sonoma) | 13 Mb | Pages 224 | EPUB | 2014

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