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Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk

Make wholeseome hand crafted Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Doritos, and Cheez-Its, all with without gluten and veggie lover varieties! Here are 70 plans for the widely adored youth snacks with entire grains and common sugars, so you can make low-sugar treats the entire family will cherish. Brimming with great flavors and supplements not fake hues and additives, this assortment of nostalgic youth treats that fulfill your shoddy nourishment desires, however without all the garbage. Genuine Snacks incorporates plans for: 
Ding Dongs
Hostess cupcakes
Pop Tarts
Animal Crackers
Nilla Wafers
Sugar Wafers
Fig Newtons
Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies
Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies
and more!
About the Author
Lara Ferroni is a food writer and photographer who lives in Portland, OR. She is also the author (and photographer) of Doughnuts, Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home. You can find her work on Epicurious.com and Gourmet Live as well as in Imbibe Magazine, Edible Communities, and other Pacific Northwest magazines and numerous cookbooks. Visit her blog, laraferroni.com.
What can I say? I really love this book. I have made 4 recipes and they all turned out fabulously delicious. The first thing that caught my eye browsing was the crackers sections so the first thing I tried out was the butter crackers. My search for the best homemade crackers is over, these crackers were crispy buttery goodness; my daughter prefers these to store bought wheat thins. It's great with savory spreads, nutella or peanut butter. The gluten free cinnamon rolls are soooo good! My husband has requested the rolls twice already and I've only had the book for a week. I especially love that most of the recipes have a gluten free variation. I have a gluten free kitchen and these recipes are just perfect. -M. Anderson
This is a great Kindle book deal and cookbook because this book has exceeded my expectations. So I was looking for a Club cracker recipe DIY online but it was hard to find until I stumbled on this cookbook about crackers. So I glanced the customers reviews and the index, if it had what I was looking for. The recipes are kind of unique because it mixes 2 to 3 types of flours to get the texture that you want in the cracker. And yes, I finally found a Club Cracker recipe that I was looking - it's called Savory Crackers. Not only that, you can also find other childhood snacks that you ate and remember back in the day especially the Hostess Ding Dongs or Twinkies without the preservatives and HCF (high fructose corn syrup) where it was made in California. Furthermore, you can find every homemade recipe where famous American brands are sold today on this book like Fig Newtons, Nutter Butter, Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints, Graham Crackers, and many more. It list a lot of crackers, cookies, snack cakes, frozen treats, confections, dips that goes with the crackers, chips and many more. She also list that these recipes can be vegan when substituting the flours to gluten free flour blend, and the butter to refined coconut oil (so you won't have that funny and funky coconut taste when baking your snacks). I have a co-worker that use coconut oil instead of butter for the cheesy crackers that she made. And she said,"It tasted interesting and didn't quite liked it". So she had to use butter which tasted much better than coconut oil. I cannot blame her for that! ;) Also you may be amazed cute pictures that features old fashioned and vintage mini kitchen gadgets like a pastry cutter that had some ridges on it. And she provides tips, if you want recipes to vegan, gluten free and offers other mini gadgets where you can shop online. Also a good find. Again, this is an awesome book making homemade and real snacks that you remember as a child and growing up without the preservatives, artificial food coloring, and making them better at home either to satisfy your food craving, or maybe great for entertaining like a Movie night or watching the game, etcetera. -EPICurean M.
Great recipes. I did find that a lot of them contained flours that I don't have access to in my small town, as we'll as some other products that I bet I would have a hard time finding in the city...however, the recipes provide a healthy basis that can be tweaked as needed. -Shepard 

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