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Sauces, Salsas, and Chutneys: James Peterson's Kitchen Education: Recipes and Techniques from Cooking

Praised gourmet specialist, instructor, and cookbook writer James Peterson presents in excess of fifty plans for sauces, salsas, and chutneys from Cooking, his exemplary guide for home cooks. Covering an exhaustive scope of sauces—including Bordelaise, Pesto, Rouille, Barbecue, Ponzu, Tropical Fruit Salsa, and then some—Peterson shows the essentials of making heavenly and congenial sauces that will upgrade your kitchen collection. These flexible plans punch up any dish, including meat, fish, pasta, sandwiches, and vegetables. Peterson additionally incorporates a variety of supportive bit by bit photos to assist you with acing the methods and fabricate trust in the kitchen. 

Notwithstanding the magnificent and assorted plans, Peterson gives a genuine kitchen instruction, with areas on the ten fundamental cooking strategies, plans and methods all cooks should know, cooking terms, and suggested fixings and kitchen devices. This digital book selective is an advancing expansion to anybody's computerized library, and cooks both new and experienced will value Peterson's loose, unfussy style that urges them to learn, keep it basic, and have a ton of fun in the kitchen.

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This book opened my eyes and our taste buds to the 5 basic sauces, salsas and chutneys that are the building blocks for many more sauces. While I have cooked for many years and used many of these sauces there were so many tidbits, tasty ideas and educational tools I have learned greatly from and we have enjoyed testing. Thank you so much for this class.-KKC
I have been looking for book that taught more about the techniques of making sauces, not just the recipe. This guide does not disappoint! -Chef K.
Excellent book. Very detailed, easy to follow recipes. This book literally teaches you all about sauces, roux's, marinades. Excellent for a novice in the kitchen or a skilled chef! -Marie, NYC 

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