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Sourdough Biscuits and Pioneer Pies: The Old West Baking Book

How Did Pioneers in the Old West Do It? 

Living in the Old West required endurance, yet development. Envision assembling a cake without new supplies, estimating spoons, or a devoted work region; envision preparing that cake without a thermometer, consistent warmth, or a clock. Sourdough Biscuits and Pioneer Pie shares the heating insider facts of Native American farm house cooks, toss cart culinary experts, and cart train homemakers, with over a hundred Old West plans—refreshed and kitchen tried. Great dutch-stove and cast-iron methods are additionally included. Bound among exemplary prepared products plans, for example, Sourdough Biscuits, Apple Brown Betty, and Concord Grape Pie are many tales and fun realities on how our progenitors were so effective with so little.
About the Author
GAIL L. JENNER lives with her rancher husband on their family’s 150-year-old, original homestead near the town of Etna in Northern California. An avid cook and gardener, she has had recipes published in Better Homes & Gardens, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Country Woman, and A Taste of Home.
This is a beautifully rendered book with great family recipes. The stories that go along with the recipes are also interesting and some are very poignant, like the story about "Mike's Cornbread" recipe (which I am going to try). Mike Hensley, who got the recipe from his mother, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and lost his ability to cook. His family cornbread recipe was lost, but several years later, his wife Marcia received an e-mail from an old friend who had found the recipe, and Marcia contributed it to the book. The historical photographs for many of the family recipes add a dimension not often seen in cook books, and the great photos of the food make you want to bake, and this is the season for it! -Letsbereal
The cover on this book is quite beautiful and a great introduction to the inside. It's full of Old West history and recipes as well as how the recipes were preserved and passed down. Many of the contributors of the recipes still live in this beautiful part of far northern California which lends even more authenticity. The photographs are beautiful in their simplicity and add to the overall historical feel of the book. Healthy, home made, back to basics recipes at their best. -Annie 
This cookbook is absolutely delightful! Not only does it contain delicious recipes, but has entertaining and informative stories about our rich pioneer heritage. It is a gem for the avid baker and one which I happily add to my treasure of artisan cookbooks collection. I hope you continue to write, Gail Jenner. -Lucky Gal 

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