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The Dirty Vegan Cookbook: Your Favorite Recipes Made Vegan - Includes Over 100 Recipes

Messy Vegan is the across the board veggie lover style cookbook that makes eating vegetarian fun! 

Grimy Vegan lets you get ready delectable vegetarian cooking that anybody and everybody can appreciate, and grandstands the sheer assortment of stunning plans you can make, all while remaining veggie lover. For a really long time, the veggie lover way of life has been viewed as constraining - a clothing rundown of the considerable number of things vegetarians can't or shouldn't have. 

Giving solid, vegetarian options in contrast to the sorts of delectable solace nourishments that everybody hungers for, Dirty Vegan makes it simpler than any time in recent memory to carry on with the veggie lover way of life, including tasty plans that utilization normal fixings accessible in any supermarket. 

Messy Vegan includes more than 100 rich, liberal plans that make certain to enchant, including: Vegan Ravioli Dippers, Avocado and "Bacon" Cheesy Cheddar Bread Ring, S'mores Pancakes, "Steak" Tips and Sweet Potatoes, Italian Wedding Soup, Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Blossoms and some more. 

With straightforward, delectable plans, Dirty Vegan isn't only for veggie lovers, yet is ideal for any individual who needs to get ready nutritious dishes utilizing insignificant hardware and preparing. 

So called as "veggie lover lousy nourishment"- - solid vegetarian food that doesn't hold back on taste- - Dirty Vegan is a festival of all the stunning tastes and dishes accessible to those on veggie lover eats less.
About the Author
Catherine Gill is a writer, blogger, and holistic vegan chef who specializes in natural and health foods.
She studied and found her passion in writing, literature, and social science in college. She has run the popular blog The Dirty Vegan since 2010, focusing on comfort-food-style vegan recipes that are fun, accessible, and healthy. She also ran Dirty Vegan Foods, a vegan bakery specializing in veganized versions of classic desserts. She has an active social media presence with over 26K followers on twitter (@TheDirtyVegan). She currently resides in New England with her husband, daughter, and rescue dog.
I made one recipe so far and loved it! Peanut butter stir fry (don't remember the exact name). I have flagged a bunch more to make, but that recipe alone makes the book purchase worthwhile!-masuphl
So, after living the vegetarian lifestyle for 8 years my family decided after watching a documentary called “What the Health” that we wanted to transition into a plant based diet! What I like about this cookbook is that you get a lot of “home style” meals but they are vegan! We just purchased several new vegan cookbooks and to be honest I thought that this would be my least favorite but it is just as good as all of the other ones we purchased! We have made the pumpkin waffles-OMG delicious, stuffed bell peppers, eggless salad-YUM, and AMBROSIA-the best EVER, just to name a few! Everything has been great so far and I would highly recommend adding this to your collection! Concise and well written! BRAVO! - J
Best cookbook i ever bought. Healthy eating that taste great. From gourmet to comfort food, all good. I buy several at each order, the Dirty Vegan Cookbook makes great gifts, i give them to my Family and friends.-Louise 

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