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The "I Love My Rice Cooker" Recipe Book: From Mashed Sweet Potatoes to Spicy Ground Beef, 175 Easy--and Unexpected--Recipes

Figure out how to take advantage of utilizing a rice cooker in this go-to direct—with 175 plans for cooking almost everything from soups and tidbits to meats, veggies, pasta, and even pastry. 

Rice cookers are an incredible method to consummately cook rice, but on the other hand they're extraordinary for cooking pretty much everything else! These well known kitchen apparatuses can steam, stew, pan sear, braise, and sauté, practically like a convenient burner.

In The "I Love My Rice Cooker" Recipe Book, you'll figure out how to utilize your rice cooker to make 175 tasty, one-pot dinners that are sound and simple to make utilizing new fixings and fundamental wash room things. With point by point clarifications of the strategies and procedures you can utilize, this cookbook will engage you to utilize your rice cooker in news approaches to make your preferred dishes.
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It has great sounding recipes. Can't wait to try them. -Terry L.
This cookbook far exceeded my expectations. The recipes are very easy to follow, and don’t use too many exotic ingredients, making it a great cookbook for beginners too! If you are looking for a new, innovative, and very fun cookbook to add to your collection, I highly recommend The I Love My Rice Cooker Recipe Book -Budget Earth
This looks really good. Certainly there are plenty of delicious recipes to try, pity there are not many photos because that would give me an idea of how the food should look. Anyway they are mouth-watering times to comes. Really recommend this book. It's really good value for money and it explains things nicely -Julietromeo 

Download Ebook The "I Love My Rice Cooker" Recipe Book: From Mashed Sweet Potatoes to Spicy Ground Beef, 175 Easy--and Unexpected--Recipes | 25 Mb | Pages 224 |  EPUB | 2018

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