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The New Milks: 100-Plus Dairy-Free Recipes for Making and Cooking with Soy, Nut, Seed, Grain, and Coconut Milks

The complete manual for nondairy milks—the principal extensive cookbook demystifying milk options—here's the means by which to make and modify a wide range of veggie lover milks, with one hundred delightful plans and helpful correlation graphs, tips, and direction for picking the correct sans dairy milks for cooking and preparing. 

Got (non-dairy) milk? Regardless of whether you're paleo, veggie lover, lactose narrow minded, fit, or downright daring in the kitchen, your non-dairy alternatives currently include unmistakably more than soy, coconut, and almond milks. Consider grain milks, for example, oat and amaranth; nut milks, for example, cashew and hazelnut; and seed milks, for example, sunflower and hemp. Which ones heat the best bread rolls? Supplement your espresso? Make your pureed potatoes as velvety as mom's? The New Milks has the appropriate responses. 

The New Milks is the principal authoritative handbook for milk options, helping you get ready, select, and cook with all assortments. With supportive graphs looking at the surface, healthful substance, taste, and best uses for each milk, in addition to one hundred delightful plans, cooking and preparing with non-dairy milks has never been simpler! 
The main area of the book gives directions to making an unbelievable scope of non-dairy milks, trailed by recommendations for use. At that point, plunge into plans for breakfast, lunch, and supper; desserts and breads; and smoothies and beverages. Every formula requires the perfect kind of non-dairy milk, and most rundown exchanges, so you can change them for your dietary needs and taste inclinations. From "Buttermilk" Almond Waffles with Warm Berry Agave Sauce, to Mexican Chocolate Pudding, to Avocado-Basil Smoothies, each formula is sans dairy, everything except two are legitimate, by far most are vegetarian, and most are without gluten.
About the Author
Dina Cheney is a writer and recipe developer whose cookbooks include Mug Meals, Meatless All Day, Year-Round Slow Cooker, Williams-Sonoma: New Flavors for Salads, and Tasting Club. She has contributed articles and recipes to Every Day with Rachael Ray, Parents, Fine Cooking, Clean Eating, Prevention.com, Weight Watchers, Coastal Living, The Huffington Post, and more. Dina is also the Dairy-Free Cooking Expert for About.com and creator of the dairy-free resource Web site: TheNewMilks.com. She graduated from The Institute of Culinary Education and Columbia University. Find Dina online at DinaCheney.com and on Instagram (@TheNewMilks), Twitter (@DinaCheney) and Facebook (DinaCheney).
Ever since a DNA test tipped me off that I was likely to be lactose intolerant, I've been planning to make the moo-ve to alternative milk. This newest book from Dina Cheney makes the prospect seem easy and tempting! I just got the book in the mail today and I've already zeroed in on what to make first: The Lentil and Pumpkin Stew. Then again, the Thai Turkey Burgers with Lime and Pepper Mayo is a close second! To say nothing of the desserts! This book is a visual stunner and would make a terrific and fun gift. The repertoire of recipes is deliciously diverse. Cheney's earlier book, "Meatless All Day" is my "go-to" cookbook. -Georgia O'keefe
After studying up on nutrition for years now I went off dairy milk a few years back. At the time there was only soy and later almond milk. Now there are all these other choices. Love the table that shows what milks work with what other food or for what purpose. I also like the recipes. Great book and great idea. We need one about the different flours now...-Sig27 
Dina Cheney has done it again; another wonderful, well written cook book with easy to follow directions for delicious dishes. I love all her books and this one is no exception. Her recipes are so creative and incorporate elements of the cuisines of many different cultures--India, France, Italy etc. Some examples in this book include Malai Kofta and Mattar Paneer from India and Vichyssoise with Fennel from France. Many of the recipes are appropriate for those who prefer vegetarian dishes but there are recipes for carnivores to savor too.-Zimmerman 

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