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Vegetarian Times Plant-Powered Protein Cookbook: Over 200 Healthy & Delicious Whole-Food Dishes

Sound, Delicious Recipes with Plant Powered Protein 

Protein is the macronutrient that is barely out of reach of everybody's mind nowadays, however a protein-rich eating routine doesn't need to mean chowing down on monster bowls of beans or plates of egg whites—nor does it need to incorporate meat, fish, or poultry. In this book, the Vegetarian Times editors put the protein story on the right track, telling you the best way to meet all your protein needs with delightful, fulfilling, simple to-get ready plans that fit consistently into any way of life.
About the Author
For over 30 years, Vegetarian Times has been at the forefront of the healthy living movement, providing delicious recipes, expert wellness information and environmentally sound lifestyle solutions to a wide variety of individuals, including reaching out to new generations of full-time vegetarians and flexitarians who find themselves increasingly drawn to the health-conscious, eco-friendly, “green” lifestyle.
A couple of the recipes I had already made after finding them on their website. I am vegan and I find that the recipes are easily adaptable. The tofu/spinach stuffed shells are delicious and I also enjoy the summer succotash. The book has lots of helpful information if you are new to vegetarian eating. The Protein Pantry section breaks down the calories, protein, fiber and fat from the food items. There is a handy mix and match everyday salad chart. Tips for cooking grains and beans, for using tempeh and tofu and if you are interested in vegan cooking how/what to substitute for cheese and eggs. -Joy
I gave 5 stars for the content of the book, recipes, photos, etc are excellent. However, the book was purchased as a gift and arrived damaged and not in condition to be given as a gift. I kept the book for myself since I can enjoy the recipes without worrying about the poor condition of the warped cover and broken binding. -Redlotusready 
Great book for those looking to step away from meat and animal bi-products. It has tons of recipes and beautiful pictures of the dishes -Brenda 

Download Ebook Vegetarian Times Plant-Powered Protein Cookbook: Over 200 Healthy & Delicious Whole-Food Dishes | 55 Mb | Pages 392 | EPUB | 2020

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