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Vij's at Home: Relax, Honey: The Warmth and Ease of Indian Cooking

The group behind the world acclaimed Vij's and Rangoli caf├ęs in Vancouver have a receptive follow-up to their honor winning, top of the line cookbook Vij's: Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine. The effectively versatile, flexible plans in Vij's at Home are custom-made for occupied families like theirs. Meeru and Vikram share how to get ready delightful vegan dishes that go from oven to plate in under 45 minutes just as simple Indian fish, poultry and meat dishes that meet up in a short time at that point stew while the home gourmet expert plunks down with a glass of wine, or helps the children with their schoolwork. Sprinkled all through, the charming couple share parts of the home existence of occupied restaurateurs, who despite everything figure out how to cook with their little girls, eat at the lounge area table and toss parties for companions.
About the Author
Vikram Vij was born in Indian and grew up in Amritsar and Mumbai. He studied hotel management in Salzburg, Austria, before moving to Canada to work at the Banff Springs Hotel. He opened the original 14-seat Vij's Restaurant in Vancouver in 1994.
Meeru Dhalwala was born in India but moved to Washington, D.C., at a young age. Prior to moving to Canada, she worked on human rights and international development projects. She and Vikram live in Vancouver.
I love this cookbook. Every recipe I've used has been a big hit! I did go out from the beginning and get almost all of the spices and that is a must if you plan to cook Indian food. But even better I made a tin for my sister and my niece who I visited when she was recovering from hip replacement surgery. I wanted to use the cook book to treat her to great food with healing and anti inflammatory ingredients. From chicken, to salmon and halibut and eggplant to mushrooms, every recipe is a winner. I've given this cookbook as a gift many times. The recipes are not fussy and each one turns out well! The curries are healthy and delicious and the ingredients are high quality and fresh. It's quickly becoming my go to cookbook!-Teric
This book is one of my favorite Indian cookbooks that I own. The premise of this cookbook is that these are the meals that the Vij's actually make at home (For more "traditional" recipes go for the 1st cookbook, Vij's), which means they are lighter than creamy, rich Indian food often found in restaurants, and there are some pseudo-indian meals (Indian spiced potatoes and peas on toast). Lots of great veggie and seafood options. I truly love this cookbook. And the Green Cardamom Lamb Curry is spectacular. -Snova
This is a great cookbook and guide for Indian cuisine. It includes beautiful photography of all the dishes and visual guides for preparing them. It has an especially helpful section on all the herbs and spices used in Indian cooking and the basics on how to prepare and combine them. This is great when you're improvising--which I often do. The books also suggests how to combine individual recipes together to create complete meals. I totally recommend!-Elina R. 

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