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Zingerman's Bakehouse

This is the must-have preparing book for dough punchers of all aptitude levels. 

Locate your preferred Bakehouse plans: Since 1992, Michigan's prestigious distinctive pastry kitchen, Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, has taken care of a fan base over the United States and past with their chewy-sweet brownies and gingersnaps, renowned sharp cream espresso cake, and fragrant portions of Jewish rye, challah, and sourdough. It's no big surprise Zingerman's is a social and culinary establishment. To harmonize with its 25th commemoration, Bakehouse co-proprietors Emberling and Carollo have made a cookbook that personally mixes the business' remarkable history and theory of administration with at no other time distributed plans for its best-cherished prepared merchandise. 

Highlights 65 fastidiously tried, painstakingly nitty gritty plans in an excellent hardcover book. 
  • Grandstands in excess of 50 shading photos and plentiful representations. 
  • Incorporates in the background accounts of the business that advance this assortment of best-of-kind, heavenly plans for each "I can't trust I get the opportunity to make this at home!" treat. 
  • Eminently, the book incorporates an abundance of conventional Hungarian and Jewish nourishments.
Bring home delightful and appreciate the Zingerman's works of art (and find new top picks!) in your own one of a kind kitchen. 
  • Contains 8 sections highlighting different subjects that are brimming with fabulous plans, just as a formula list so you can rapidly locate the one you're looking. 
  • Makes a fantastic present for any aficionado of Zingerman's or any individual who acknowledges a decent bread shop treat
About the Author
Amy Emberling and Frank Carollo are master bakers and the co-owners of Zingerman's Bakehouse. They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Antonis Achilleos is a food and lifestyle photographer based in New York City.
I lived in Ann Arbor for 6 years (up until 2011), so I spent quite a bit of time at the various Zingerman spots. There are a lot of desserts I've loved from Zingerman's, but the Hot Cocoa Cake is definitely my favorite. I've been dying to find out whether the recipe for Zingerman's Bakehouse's amazing Hot Cocoa Cake would be included in this cookbook and it is! More importantly, the recipe is easy to follow and produces a cake that tastes just like I remember. Warm and chocolatey, with fantastic chocolate chunks (use chunks, don't use chips) interspersed throughout the tender cake, it makes for a great treat with coffee, an easy crowd-pleasing chocolate cake (and it travels well), and also makes for the best breakfast slice ever. -Kat L.
I've had great results with outstanding flavor with everything I've tried. The intro stories to the recipes are really charming, and had me inspired to fire up the oven to taste what they were so passionately chatting about. Lots of them have little cartoon heads of Amy or Frank floating above them, so that you know who’s talking to you. The measures are presented in both cups and gram weight. I love it when they do that, so all bakers are happy. The instructions are thorough, and really well organized. Some of the bakes are worldly, while others are spotlighting some beloved regional favorites. Recommend! -Jennifer 
I bought two of these cookbooks ( gave one away}, having been to Zingerman's in Ann Arbor a few times over the years and knowing how good of a job they do there. First, this is a great cookbook with great Zingerman's recipes. But....if you are a novice baker or bread maker this may not be for you. The recipes are detailed with traditional measurements, and also measured out in grams, which is the correct way to do it. If you follow these recipes it will take you a bit of time but the results are superior to what you normally may be able to achieve. I made the crusty sesame semolina bread yesterday and it was probably one of the best loaves of bread I've made in my life. Did I need to buy special flour..yes! Did it take a bit of time...yes. Was it as good as it gets...yes!! So far every recipe I've made from here...about 5 or 6, is on the money. I would highly recommend this cookbook for the fan's of Zingerman's and those who want to invest some time and effort to get a great result. -rdl 

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