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Bitterman's Craft Salt Cooking: The Single Ingredient That Transforms All Your Favorite Foods and Recipes

From prestigious salt master and top rated creator of Salt Block Cooking and the James Beard Award-winning Salted, Mark Bitterman, comes this exceptional manual for changing your preferred nourishments with normal, refreshing, hand-made salt. By essentially choosing and utilizing the correct salt in the correct manner, you will immensely improve each dish you make. 

This is the fundamental manual for making extraordinary salt the highlight of your cooking at home. 

We request quality in our suppers, and common, hand-made salts are the most fundamental and basic approach to make those fixings sparkle. Imprint Bitterman is THE salt master and grant winning creator. In this book he makes this straightforward truth bounteously clear with more than 60 motivating plans, for example, Colorado Beef Burger with Mesquite Smoked Salt, and Chilies, Truffle Salt Smashed Roasted Potatoes, Salted Latte Ice Cream with Lemon Espresso Drizzle. 

The presentation investigates why art salt is unique in relation to iodized salt, legitimate salt, and even modernly made ocean salt with respect to flavor, sustenance, and supportability. The numerous assortments of gourmet salts accessible today are broken into 7 families (fleur de sel, sel gris, piece salt, conventional salt, shio, rock salt, smoked and implanted salts), with supportive outlines that make finding the correct salt for the correct food advantageous and simple. The cutting edge, yet rational plans are sorted out into useful parts: Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Eggs and Dairy, Vegetables and Fruits, Sweets, and Drinks and Cocktails. Past the plans, the tips, methods, and proposals will assist you with raising your time tested most loved dishes at this point utilizing the right kind of salt. Art salts are not a prevailing fashion, they are the substance of our food culture today.

About the Author
A salt fanatic since his first bite of a juicy salt-studded steak at a truck stop in France, Mark Bitterman has traveled the globe for over 25 years in search of flavor. His four books include the James Beard Award winning Salted, and the best-selling Salt Block Cooking. Mark has been featured inthe New York Times and countless other media, and taught at The Smithsonian and elsewhere around the world. Today, as CEO of Bitterman Salt Co. and owner of The Meadow retail shops in Portland Oregon and New York City, Mark pursues his mission to bring flavor to life.
I enjoyed the exhaustive list of salts I could include in my cooking repertoire. It truly is an encyclopedia of salt. As someone who has been fascinated by what the different salts bring to the table, I regard this book is a "must have." Even if I cannot find a particular salt locally, I know I can order it from Mark's shop. As for the recipes, some were too esoteric for me. Lotus leaves...no. But, I would be up for smashed baked potatoes with black truffle salt. -M. A. Gates
This great one subject cookbook reveals how to use salt in your cooking to enhance flavor. Highly recommend. -JoAnn 
Quite fascinating and original I am now a serious salt fanatic. On to Whole Foods for different and unique salts for the many recipes to try from this inspiring book. -Jim 

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