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Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie

Pie is the most far reaching and available book at any point composed regarding the matter of American pie. An enlightening, narrative part strolls home dough punchers through baked good creation how to's. Answers to questions home dough punchers need to know. The main asset a home cook needs.

About the Author
Ken Haedrich is an internationally acclaimed food and travel writer and cooking instructor. He is the author of numerous cookbooks, including Apple Pie Perfect and Soup Makes the Meal. A regular contributor to Bon Appetit, Yankee, and National Geographic Traveler, Haedrich has also written for Food & Wine, Vegetarian Times, and Cooking Light.
I combine several recipes to create new and exciting pies. Whether you use one, two, or three recipes to make a pie, this is a great book.
I wish that the author spent time on different glazing techniques to finish the pie. Milk, egg yolk, egg white, cream, and other proteins only go so far. There are glazes that can be applied after the pie is baked that will give it the final touch. Diners eat with their eyes. An apple cider glaze applied to the top crust can be breathtaking. -Annon
I am overwhelmed at the comprehensive content of this book. Not just pie recipes. Not just special notes about baking better. But dozens of variations on EACH TYPE of pie. Not recipes that come from spiral bound women's clubs nation-wide and regurgitated herein (with all due respect to them). The recipes are a careful collection from the best sources including iconic restaurants and top chefs nationwide. I counted at least two dozen apple pie recipes! Many for chess pie! And a Funeral Pie too! Really? Wonderful pies I have never heard of! This will most likely be the last 'pie' cookbook you will ever need. I love pie! -Donald 
A truly American experience, this pie book is a staple for any baker. I've made dozens of pies from this book and every single one of them have been delightful. He gives cute anecdotes as well, making it an enjoyable read. -NS 

Download Ebook Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie | 10 Mb | Pages 608 | EPUB | 2004

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