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Seafood: How to Buy, Prepare, and Cook the Best Sustainable Fish and Seafood from Around the World 

The most far reaching, completely delineated cookbook on fish and freshwater fish accessible, Seafood includes all broadly accessible fish and shellfish, discloses how to set them up, how to utilize them in plans motivated by the world's incredible cooking customs, and the most ideal approach to cook them to draw out their flavor. No other book photos the same number of types of fish, has the same number of represented strategies, or clarifies as unmistakably the mind boggling issues of moral business fishing and purchasing mindfully. With in excess of 300 plans and utilizing promptly accessible fixings and fast, straightforward techniques, Seafood will have a spot on the shelf of any culinary specialist.
this book is simply amazing, a true Bible of seafood, uses a language that is very clear, the photos are wonderful and care about the consumer aware of everything that comes from the sea is quite commendable. Enjoy. -Santos
Very comprehensive, with good photos. -IC 
I buy cook books for aesthetic reasons. I like lots of big, colorful pictures of food, and this has plenty. I appreciate books that take time to explain utensils, preparation, techniques, and ingredients - which this one spends nearly half of its pages doing. I won't speak to the recipes themselves - I generally only read recipes for inspiration, not to follow them when cooking, so I can't say whether the recipes in this book will knock your socks off. But it does cover the basics and has lots of off-the-beaten path dishes, like tom yum goong soup and Hungarian roast carp. And the recipes themselves are concise, clear, and easy to read, and 1/2 of them have accompanying pictures of the final product. The only miss here is the very half-hearted kowtowing to sustainability. A few pages at the beginning, and a few others interspersed with short paragraphs about the importance of sustainability doesn't really balance out a book full of recipes that call for cod, or tuna, or other dwindling marine species. It's akin to reading Nosetotailathome.com if it were interspersed here and there with gout warnings and praise of veganism. Overall, though, a very entertaining book for foodies, chefs, and people obsessed with seafood. -Moonastery

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