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The Complete Book of Sushi 

The Complete Book of Sushi is the conclusive sushi cookbook. 

The Japanese state that "You eat with your eyes," and this is without a doubt valid with sushi. A work of art in Japan, sushi isn't just perfectly introduced yet solid and heavenly. New and delectable, sushi is one of the most empowering nourishments you can eat, as it's low in fat and high in fundamental nutrients and minerals. Stylishly satisfying, sushi is likewise shockingly easy to make. From conventional hand-moved sushi to the cutting edge sushi in a bowl, this sushi book will tell you the best way to make these rich dishes effortlessly. It likewise gives data on the history and advantages of sushi, just as how to utilize sushi-production devices; cook impeccable sushi rice; cut vegetables and enhancements; and select new sushi fish and different fixings. The Complete Book of Sushi highlights conventional, contemporary and inventive plans for admirers of this Japanese food. 

With simple to-follow bit by bit plans and perfect shading photos, The Complete Book of Sushi is reasonable for your cookbook assortment. 

Delightful sushi plans include: 

Arranging and setting up a sushi supper 

Sushi rolls 


Formed sushi 

Hand-Rolled sushi 

Veggie lover sushi 


Wrapped sushi 

Sushi rice in seared tofu packs 

Sushi in a bowl 

New sushi 

Beverages, sauces and side dishes

About the Author
Hideo Dekura heads a successful catering and cooking consulting company, and lectures at a culinary school.
Brigid Treloar advises many companies on product and recipe development, food styling, and photography.

Ryuichi Yoshii recently opened a restaurant in Sydney, and is well known and respected for his creative sushi and adventurous cooking style.
This is a fantastic book of sushi. They did such a wonderful job on it that I ended up reading the intro chapters before the recipes even began, and really got into the story of how sushi came to be and how it changed over time. Neat read! There’s a terrific range in this book. There’s a beautiful photo for each recipe.
The recipe chapters are thick sushi rolls, thin sushi rolls, inside-out sushi rolls, topped rice sushi, hand-wrapped sushi rolls, tofu pouches, battleship sushi, sushi in a bowl, sushi soups, decorative sushi, sashimi, new-style sashimi, and sauces, condiments, and accompaniments. -Jeniffer
The last sushi book almost put me off making sushi. This, however, is well organized, clear and not as judgmental as the last book. The demonstrations are clear and the photos are enticing and inspiring. Best book I have seen on the subject. -Studioprod 
The photographs in this book are beautiful. Some of the directions are a little hard to understand, giving both too much and not enough information. For example, we're told to adjust the amount of water used to cook the rice based on, among other things, the age of the rice. But more water for older rice? Probably, but maybe it's less? This is a minor flaw in an inspirational book, showcasing the visual appeal of sushi. There are also helpful notes on traditions and ettiquite of preparing, serving, and dining. Many of the dishes are unusual or unexpected, especially the fruit recipies. We haven't prepared any meals from the book yet, but the instructions seem consistant with our limited experience of preparing sushi (vegetarian and cooked versions at home, and raw in a cooking class). I admit to being nervous about preparing raw dishes at home, but even if we do not, there are plenty of recipies to keep us busy. -ChristinaJ 

Download Ebook The Complete Book of Sushi  | 268 Mb | Pages 240 | PDF | 2004

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